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Wedding Camera Op

Live / Special Event
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Gig Location: SF Bay, CA
Gig Dates: -
Pay: $500 for 4 hours

Looking for a Camera Operator for 4 hours to capture some high quality shots of my wedding ceremony, no editing need be done and no need to come to the reception.

The gear will be supplied as I am a film maker as well. The camera package will be an ursa mini pro 12K with sachtler sticks and a 24-70 zoom lens with shotgun mic and on board shotgun mic.

Ideal candidate is of coarse professional and has a great attitude with a good idea for composition and focal lengths and some experience shooting. Familiar with black magic cameras. Dressed at least in polo or collared shirt. no suit needed

I'm basically looking for some good clean B roll of the location and attendees. Mix up the frame rates and then the camera just locked off on my sticks to capture the wedding ceremony with clean audio from the shotgun mic.

The venue will be in Old Mill Park in Mill Valley CA north of the golden gate bridge. Afterwards we will head 15min away to the golden gate overlook to take some pictures with the family and photographer and just want to get some shots there of us and from there you can depart.

Send reels over. I can make half payment up front and the other half upon project completion. This should be a very easy straight forward gig only for a few hours.

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