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Creative Director for Music Videos

Music Video
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Pay: $500


I’m an independent male Pop/R&B singer looking to film some music videos in August and September. There are no set dates yet. For some songs, I need help developing the concepts and the overall direction of everything. It would be great if I could combine 2-3 songs into a short film.

Usually, I film with RED and it would be great to have someone organize the crew when it comes time to film.

Some songs will have basic visual fx. It would be great to find someone who could also edit to see the vision through to the end or at least oversee the editing.

Please let me know what kind of experience you have with music videos and send any links if possible. Also let me know if there are any dates that we could meet on zoom or in person to discuss further.

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Art Director
Visual Effects Creative Director

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