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Flexible camera operator needed for 1.5 days next week

Gig Location: SF Bay, CA
Gig Dates: -
Pay: $500/day

Hey there, I need an extra hand with two shoots later next week. Specifically looking for a cam op familiar with shooting on Sony a7sIII's (all gear provided). Super lean crew. Will just be myself and this other person so you may be asked to do a little more than the normal cam operator (like help move lighting, etc). The two shoots are:

Thursday, Aug 4 - 2pm-6pm (with about 1-1.5 hours of actual non-stop filming). Essentially a two person walk-and-talk office tour that ends with a sit down interview.

Friday, Aug 5 - 9am - 3pm Filming a super small scale version of shark tank. ~8 interviews in one day that includes filming three interviewers together in-person interviewing founders joining remotely over zoom. Short deliberation between interviewers after each company. Will be half shot on tripods and half handheld.

Skill Tags:

Camera Operator
Production Assistant

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