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Romantic Comedy - Proof of Concept Short Film

Short Film
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Gig Dates: -
Pay: $450/ per day


I am looking for a sound recorder/operator for a proof of concept short film I'm shooting on Saturday, Aug 6th. This film will have heavy dialouge, so we need someone who is experienced with narrative. You must have the proper sound equipment needed, including 4 lav mics. Payment to rent all of your sound equipment is included in the listed pay.

I have made a feature film before called GET BIG. It is currently streaming on Hulu. Here is a trailer: https://youtu.be/Xfi6lkcuqA8

This will be a 12 hour shoot, from 11am - 11pm on Aug 6th. If by chance we need to go over that I will pay $50 an hour for overtime, but I highly doubt that will happen. We will also be shooting on a high rise patio in downtown LA where it can be pretty noisy. So we need someone who is experienced with noisy shoots like this. But most of the filming will be done inside the apartment.

Please reach out if you are interested and include resume, samples, and list of equipment you have. Thank you!

Best, Dylan

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