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Music Composer for Films

Short Film
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA (Remote OK)
Pay: Based on your rates

Looking for a music composer to compose a score for two short films.

Welcome to do one or the other, ideally looking for someone who will do both! :)

Loglines are below. If you have any questions or would like to check out the films, please feel free to email.

Please send examples of work.

LAST WEEK For over a year, Phoebe has been battling cancer and hiding it from her boyfriend, Adam. On their last week together, Phoebe dies unexpectedly. Unable to cope with her loss, Adam goes to any length to explain what happened and is given the opportunity to spend the last week with her all over again. To Adam's demise, rather than enjoying their time together for one last time, he spirals into a rabbit-hole of mania, depression, and psychosis that causes him to inadvertently push away the one person he was trying to connect with.

ESCAPE Martha Friedman, over suspicion of her husband's infidelity, has hired Sammy, LA's least enthusiastic hitman, to take care of him. Yet her limited patience has Martha already on a blind date with a prospective replacement. Coincidence is a bitch.

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Music Composer

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