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3D/VFX artist

Short Film
Gig Location: Anywhere (Remote OK)
Pay: No Pay

New outstanding creative team in LA is looking for a 3D/VFX artist to start a productive long term collab. We have 4 inspiring sci-fi shorts ready (think Black Mirror with a touch of humour). 2 already shot 1 on its way soon (cast and locations are booked). All we need is the high level 3D/VFX artist who will help turning these top notch scripts into super pro pieces. All our means go to the picture for now, but we will share the success appropriately. If you’re a real sci-fi aficionado/a jump on this opportunity to create with us impactful short content leading to even more brilliant projects in progress!

Skill Tags:

2D & 3D Computer Animation / Animator

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