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Video Editor and Forensic Technician

Post Production / Editing
Part Time
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA

The National Center for Audio and Video Forensics is looking for a video editor to be a forensic technician at our offices in Los Angeles.

No phone calls please, email at the bottom

Who we are: The National Center for Audio and Video Forensics (NCAVF) is an audio, video and cellphone forensics lab with 40+ years of experience. We work on criminal cases, civil cases, federal, state and family law cases across the country.

We receive evidence in many video and audio file formats.

What you’ll be doing: • Converting files using FFMPEG • Video editing and processing

Skills you must possess: • Expert understanding of Adobe Premier for video editing. • Experience with FFMPEG, connecting files, and an understanding of codecs • Very SHARP and EXPERIENCED EYE, able to recognize when there is a change in video quality during the process of editing or when doing video file conversions.

Able to complete projects as instructed by manager (i.e. able to follow directions) Able to think outside the box to make suggestions that help our clients

You would be working in person, at our office in West Hollywood (90048), during normal work hours. We cannot accept remote editors at this stage, due to the nature of our work. The area you would be working in is a larger, open space, of which you would be the only occupant.

Pay based on experience Please send your resume and cover letter, including links to previous projects to OfficeManager@NCAVF.com.

*No phone calls please.

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Visual Effects Editor

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