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Wanted: Video Editor

Music Video
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA

My name is Tyler Strachan and I'm Director based in North Hollywood at Artist Incorporated, a creative space and all around artistic studio that is home to many different types of artists.

We are currently looking for a young, knowledgeable & ambitious video editor to edit short films, short form music videos, and social media videos that we develop and shoot here. Someone who is ready and willing to edit as quickly as we create content on the go, make the ordinary look extraordinary but most importantly help tell stories visually quickly and efficiently.

  • Must be able to travel to our creative space located in North Hollywood
  • Must have your own MacBook Pro and external drive that can handle and process large amounts of footage
  • Must have your own editing program (Final Cut Pro, DaVinci, Premier, After Effects etc.)
  • Must be able to edit quickly and with a sharp eye
  • Must be able to take projects home in order to complete
  • Knowledge of Visual & Special effects is a PLUS
  • Knowledge of Green Screen is a PLUS

This is a chance to put your amazing skills to work and editing chops to the test.

Links to our Instagram pages: (https://)www.instagram.com/artistincorporated/ https://www.instagram.com/soundbox_at_artistincorporated/

Skill Tags:

Assistant Editor
Sound Designer
Visual Effects Editor

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