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Freelance Photo Assistant / Digi-Tech Needed For Food Shoot

Photography / Design
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Gig Dates: - (EXPIRED)
Pay: Your Day Rate - TBD

Hey All - we have a shoot coming up very soon in the LA area and are in need of a Swiss army knife photo assistant / digi-tech.

It's a restaurant food shoot at one of the client's locations, but we basically own a large daylight room there for the three days, so it becomes our daylight studio, augmented with strobe fixtures sometimes as well.

Our ideal person knows their way around c-stands, modifiers, flash units and wireless transmitters - as well as tethering and Capture One and Lightroom use on set. It's not so much a data wrangling tech job as it is just the need for someone with a wide range of set support skills who can jump in and help with camera and photo software, and who also has a decent understanding of lighting to help us execute those kinds of changes and ideas that come up all day long - from bounce, negative fill, diffusion, positioning fixtures, etc. You won't be wholly responsible for lighting but we want someone who quickly understands how to pitch in when we need to tweak the set, or hopefully who can bring an idea or two forward through the day.

We'll be shooting both Nikon and Sony - so experience with those brands is a definite plus, but not critical as we have other folks experienced with this gear on set.

If interested, please shoot us a reply with info and/or your link at your earliest convenience.

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Digital Utility

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