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DP - Documentary Feature - Metro Detroit

Feature Film
Gig Location: Detroit, MI
Gig Dates: -
Pay: 650/day

Good afternoon, looking for a talented, hard working, and very conscious and trustworthy DP/Camera Operator. This documentary feature is shooting for 5-6 days in the metro Detroit area where I am originally from (Now living in Los Angeles). We will most likely have more shoots in Michigan later in the year as well, so you would become the main DP for the Metro D shoots. We'll have another DP for the west coast shoots. I can't go into detail on the topic of the documentary publicly or until we hire - its nothing illicit of course - its just that the person we are filming and topic it covers is staying anonymous until release of the film. So you must be trust worthy. You can see i make top notch documentaries about very meaningful topics. My company i2i Productions can be found at www.Livingi2i.com Ideal DP would have feature documentary experience or at least short doc experience. Ideally will have one camera of their own or access to (Canon family is key - we are most likely shooting on Canon C300 ii or iii and the Canon c70) I'll shoot 2nd camera. We'll have an audio engineer. Small crew. You as DP. Me as director/producer and 2nd cam. Audio Engineer. And a support assistant producer. We put in very full days while we are there. We can talk equipment in more detail and what we'd rent for lights. This is a mix of interview shoots and verite shoots. Again on verite shoots I'll run 2nd cam. Also very helpful if you have a drone or access to drone.

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Camera Operator
Director of Photography

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