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Production Coordinator

Full Time
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA

Kernel will bring neuro measurement mainstream. We have built the next generation non-invasive brain interface. From the photon through machine learning, we are a close-knit, full-stack team that thrives on pushing the limits. Join us on this epic journey as we strive to usher in a new era of understanding ourselves, each other and the future of our shared existence.

We are looking for an incredible Production Coordinator to join our team! Here at Kernel, as our product/mission becomes increasingly public, we are creating more and and more photo and video content. As you’re aware, any production is complex and needs to be executed by someone who is highly efficient and organized. You’d be overseeing the scheduling, crewing, equipment rental, and timelines of our photo and video productions. You’d have the unique opportunity to be around some of the most innovative technology with brilliant people.


  • Ensure quality assurance throughout the production process
  • Manage the production team so that scheduled goals are met
  • Plan, schedule, direct and execute production activities
  • Develop cost-effective measurements to achieve exceptional business practices
  • Adapt to changes in the market and respond to customer demands
  • Maintain current knowledge on the market and industry trends
  • Coordinate and execute equipment rentals and all communications with rental houses
  • Distribute contacts (NDA, releases) before/after each shoot


  • 1+ years' experience working as a production coordinator in the industry preferred
  • Strong understanding of industry market and conditions
  • Working knowledge of technical software that is specific to the industry
  • Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Sharp business acumen and financial projection
  • High regard for quality assurance
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills


  • Familiarity with film industry
  • Familiarity with film contracts

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Production Coordinator

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