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Film Crew Wanted for Short Film

Short Film
Full Time
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA

My name is Tyler Strachan and I'm Director and Screenwriter based in North Hollywood, CA.

I am currently looking for a small a crew for a short film that I've written and I'm aiming to direct before the end of the year. It centers around one character, takes place in one location (a bedroom/hotel room) and is 4 pages long. This will be a night shoot (5 hours or less).

I MUST advise you that at the moment this is not paid, much more of a passion project, as I am currently producing this myself out of my own pocket and a majority of the budget will be going directly towards securing the proper location and whatever equipment is needed to achieve this. If I am able to compensate my crew I most definitely will.

LOOKING FOR: **1st AC **

  • Must have knowledge of working with Arri Alexa mini
  • Well skilled with pulling focus
  • Having your own AC kit is a plus
  • Already have a cinematographer locked in

**Steadicam Operator **

  • Must have knowledge of working with Arri Alex Mini
  • If you already have a steadicam that's amazing, if not I'd love to know what kind is needed
  • Examples on your work is a plus
  • Having your own equipment is a MAJOR PLUS 
  •   Film school experience not needed but is a PLUS
  •   Please provide examples of projects you've worked on 

I'm looking for people who are well rounded in their respective fields, have experience working on short films/music videos and have a passion for telling stories as much as I do.

My latest short film BINARY written and co-directed by me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jy_ZYwDF6s&t=2scorn Possible Filming Location: https://giggster.com/listing/abandoned-vintage-apartment-1970s

Skill Tags:

1st AC - Focus Puller
Steadicam Operator

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