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Cinematographer for short film

Short Film
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Pay: negotiable

Hi! I'm in pre production to get my short film "We Had Plenty" off the ground once again. I've already shot a majority of the film but it's not up to my artist vision, and with all the knowledge of the last go I know this one will go smoother (I was young and in a rush the first time. Nothing good comes out of rushing).

The story is about a brother who is taking care of his closed-off sister who is suffering from lung cancer, and a small homeless man that becomes the catalyst for their honest communication. ***THAT SAID- I need a cinematographer who has knowledge or is willing to learn how to make a real human look small on the screen. This can maybe just be done with special effects now? but the last time we had to use certain measurements for camera distance when shooting the actor compared to what we shot in the on-location shot. The actor will be shot in a green screen studio. ***

I've had a lot of trusted sources look at the script and so far I've had pretty constant confirmation that it's a great story. This will be entered into festivals.

While the script is only 13 pages, there's approximately 7-10 locations, all around LA with the exception of one day in Joshua Tree. It took us a week to film last time, but we can easily do it in 5. I'm aiming for Janurary 2022.

This is a low budget film. Looking for an impassioned artist who loves the script as much as I do and is willing to collaborate with me and my storyboard. Rate can be discussed but please know that this is a super low budget.

Please email me if interested with the headline WE HAD PLENTY. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you! -Paige

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Camera Operator
Director of Photography

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