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Rental Manager

Full Time
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Gig Dates: -
Pay: $20 per hour + Bonus

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Manage the entire inventory of production gear and technical equipment through our software system; Lead the coordination and tracking of all rental, leased and company production equipment; Available during business hours to answer questions or concerns from the field, as well as offer technical resolution or troubleshooting. Available after hours on emergency basis or by request; Clean, maintain, and perform minor repairs to all gear; Send gear for repairs which are not able to be fixed in-house and coordinate with vendors to negotiate timelines and cost; Prepare job quotes to requesting Line Producers to source equipment and gear to accommodate production based on internal pricing; Consult with Producers, AC's, DP's regarding potential and required equipment needed for production; Source gear through outside vendors which cannot be sourced through internal inventory; perform comparative pricing research to present to EVP, Production & Operations for approval; as well as source gear in other cities for remote shoots upon request;
Create invoices and manage billing to Production for the gear rentals and purchases; Compile and perform equipment tutorials via FaceTime, video demonstrations, conference calls, and written instruction; Perform tests on all equipment and gear upon deploy and return to the building to ensure all gear is in working condition, continues to be dependable, and does not require repair; Perform equipment research to either replace and add to internal inventory to determine cost, potential usage, reliability, and compatibility with existing inventory.; Purchase equipment to add to internal inventory; perform comparative pricing research before purchase. Pricing and purchasing to be approved by rental or operations manager. Purchase and maintain expendables; Assist Production in procuring expendables for the extent of the shoot. Education and Work Experience:

Minimum High School Diploma; Two to three years of production experience is preferred either in Television Production as a Camera Technician or Assistant Camera Operator; Knowledge of Rental Works, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office Suite is preferred.

Core Competencies:

This position demands a highly organized and detail-minded candidate with the ability to recall details about shoots and specified needs, equipment information, and inventory; A working knowledge of technical and mechanical terminology; Knowledge of production equipment and its various functions; This position requires steady email and phone correspondence; The ability to communicate with in-house staff, field staff and various vendors to resolve needs and requests, as well as plan future shoots, and occasional trouble shooting;

Skill Tags:

2nd AC - Clapper / Loader
AV Technician
Digital Imaging Technician
Digital Utility

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