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Videographer for Interview Style Shoots

Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Pay: 400

Hi all,

We will be shooting a series of interviews for our client. We are looking for a videographer, camera guy or woman to help shoot. These are short interviews around 45 minutes long and we are looking for someone with a good eye to capture a nice and professional looking frame. We would like it to look high end like you see in all type documentaries these days.

We are looking to get 2 cameras including the camera guy to shoot the person to interview and some fill lights. Moreover if you have any type of Rode Wireless Go system to capture audio that would be amazing.

If you have experience, equipment and are capable of capturing interview style film please apply. The rate will be $400 per day, which usually ends up being 8 hours in total with travel and set up time.

We are looking for someone to build a close working relationship with. Please send your resumes as well as examples of interviews of your work.

Thank you!

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