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Stellar, Passionate Line Producer Needed for Fully Funded Low Budget Film

Feature Film
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Pay: Negotiable

Film producing team is in need of an AMAZING right hand to line produce their upcoming feature film. This is an ultra-low horror film (we're talkin' $150K production budget!) that needs to look like a 5 million dollar movie- seriously. We've pulled it off before, and we'll do it again. This is a real movie with a TON of favors being called in - from actors, visual efx, spfx, to you name it... Members of this producing team have been involved in numerous films including Sushi Girl, Nightbreed:The Director's Cut, Books of Blood and more.

Mostly single location shoot. Los Angeles or surrounding. Non-union for most positions. Very violent and intense material but not exploitive.

You've GOT to know what you're doing, move fast and CARE. Shoot scheduled for February, but want prep to begin now. You're gonna become our new best friend and work your butt off... but so will we.

There is pay. There is credit. Both negotiable - just keep in mind the budget.

NOTE: We take the state of the world VERY seriously, hence why we pushed to February. The entire shoot and EVERYONE involved must be fully vaccinated, have proof of vaccination and be willing to submit to random virus testing. We will be a total Zone A shoot.

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Line Producer

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