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Brand Content - Cannabis

Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Pay: $500 - $750

We’re seeking creative videographers to collaborate with influencers, capturing short, engaging videos (30-60 seconds) that highlight the essence of King Palm in a variety of breathtaking locations. Each influencer will be assigned to one unique setting, crafting a narrative that showcases how King Palm enhances moments of relaxation, reconnection, and recharge.

Locations & Themes:

•	On the Beach Sand
•	Mountains
•	Desert
•	Flower Field
•	Concert Scenes
•	Cliff Edges
•	Forests, Jungles, Fields
•	Waterfalls & Caves

Content Vision: Each video should tell a compelling story that connects the viewer to the location and the relaxing experience of using King Palm. We want the content to feel like a commercial, filled with joy and creativity that resonates with our audience.

What We Provide:

•	A paid promotional opportunity to work with a growing brand.
•	Exposure through King Palm’s marketing channels.

Application Requirements:

•	Portfolio of previous work showcasing your ability to create compelling visual stories.
•	Ability to travel to the assigned location (if necessary).
•	Own equipment with capability to produce high-quality video content.

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