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Editor needed for documentary series

Post Production / Editing
Gig Location: Anywhere (Remote OK)
Pay: Based off skill

I'm Alexander Mejia, a former AAA game developer with a passion for uncovering the secrets of the video game industry through entertaining and educational documentaries. I'm producing and shooting these series of Documentaries which total about 6.5 total run time.

I'm looking for a skilled remote editor to collaborate with me on assembling story cuts and providing feedback on necessary b-roll. You'll be adept at selecting the best takes and with good flow. If something isn’t working, you’ll communicate the need for re-shoots. This collaborative process will help us both grow and produce top-notch content.

Initially, you'll focus on completing the edits while I handle color grading and audio design/mix. Over time, I'll teach you these skills. If you already possess them, you might even teach me a thing or two!


Assemble story cuts and provide feedback on b-roll requirements. Select the best takes from multiple recordings. Collaborate closely to refine video flow and quality. Communicate effectively if re-shoots or changes are needed. Grow into advanced roles, including color grading and audio design.

You are: OK stepping into a project in production, with some rough edits done. Experienced with high-end video production, ideally with anamorphic lenses and Log to HDR workflows. Proficient with DaVinci Resolve and have a BlackMagic Cloud account. Strong with storytelling skills and have a reel showcasing your editing experience. Creative with problem-solving and proactive communication. Technical with knowledge of video specs, including Rec.709 to Rec.2020 conversions.

Requirements: Have a few hundred gigabytes PC/Mac capable of editing H264 Proxy footage Internet speeds sufficent enough to download proxies as they get shot A commitment to continuous learning Fluency in English

How to Apply: Please submit a link to your reel, and your rates

Here is a link to the first in the documentary series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77lfAsj3qec

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Video Editor

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