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Looking for photographer for cover art

Photography / Design
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Gig Dates: - (EXPIRED)
Pay: $250-400 for job


I’m looking for a photographer for a 1-2 hour photo shoot next weekend… it’s for a cover art for the song attached. Let me know if you have availability open and interest for it. If so, let me know how much you’d ask for. My budget is $300-400. Anytime next weekend works or best for lighting maybe.

I’d also ask you to browse through a few options of locations to see which you think may be best for lighting and composition.

Location will be in LA.

The basic premise of the photo is very similar to the “distracted boyfriend” meme. the concept of the song is a more comedic version of “Stacy’s mom.”

Let me know

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Chief Photographer
Director of Photography

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