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Sound Engineer/Recorder DOC project NY

Feature Film
Part Time
Gig Location: New York, NY
Gig Dates: - (EXPIRED)
Pay: 350/day

Our production is looking to shoot an interview for a documentary project (between the 12th and 15th). We are looking to record on location interview audio both with an external shotgun mic and a hidden lav mic on the interview subject for best mixing in post.

Sound engineer should be familiar with setting up wireless mic radios and syncing cameras and mics with timecode (cameras used are a red Komodo X and a Canon C70). I have sound syncing cables and tentacle syncs for each camera if needed. Familiarity with mixing on site for the best recording would be appreciated and we may need a safety track depending on the audio setup because the subject is very old and getting a second interview may be difficult.

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Sound Mixer / Recordist

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