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Puppet Show Short Film Crew Call

Short Film
Gig Location: New York, NY
Gig Dates: - (EXPIRED)
Pay: (Food/Uber/Open to )

Hey! My name is Ky Barron, and I am honored to introduce myself as the director and visionary behind the captivating short film, "Puppet Show." This project serves as both my student thesis graduation film and a significant milestone as my inaugural venture into the world of impactful storytelling. "Puppet Show" unfolds the compelling narrative of Sam, a young woman ensnared in the intricate web of love with Ella. Regrettably, what begins as a romantic tale takes a darker turn as the relationship veers into toxicity, leaving Sam entangled in her emotions. Despite the concerned efforts of a childhood best friend attempting to shed light on the situation, Sam remains blinded by her profound love. The film culminates in a profound moment where Sam embarks on a psychedelic journey, gaining clarity on the harmful nature of her relationship. Through vivid visualizations involving puppets and surreal elements, Sam comes to the realization that her love is indeed toxic. This epiphany prompts her to make a courageous decision to end the relationship, marking a transformative moment in her life.

Beyond the personal narrative, "Puppet Show" aims to provoke thought and awareness in viewers regarding the complexities of queer relationships. It serves as a poignant reminder that the challenges and toxicity inherent in any relationship transcend societal norms. By delving into Sam's journey, the film endeavors to open minds and eyes to the universal nature of relationship dynamics.

I need crew members, Focus puller, and sound help!

Skill Tags:

1st AC - Focus Puller
Audio Technician
Boom Operator
Second Assistant Sound
Sound Designer

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