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Welcome/Intro Video Editor Needed

Post Production / Editing
Gig Location: Anywhere (Remote OK)
Gig Dates: - (EXPIRED)

I am looking for some assistance in editing a new welcome video for our church services. I have footage I have filmed on a blackmagic pocket 6k, but I'd like to get a quote for editing and compiling a video similar to the one we have currently. I am including a link to that below. If there is a better way to send you the video please let me know, I typically use wetransfer.

All Are Welcome Video

Also, here are links to reference for our church vibe/look and feel: Instagram YouTube (this is our old church name/page)

Here are the deliverables I am looking for, and if possible, a price quote for each and total work would be great:

Deliverable 1: Full "All Are Welcome" video for beginning of services

  • Should have similar music that builds to a finish.
  • Consistent edited look as sample video provided. Graphics that fit the look and feel are welcome. We use Gotham Bold (uppercase) and Karmina (italic) for most text, open to similar/creative works.
  • Similar Run time, no longer than 1:30 min needed.

Deliverable 2: Editable file of the completed welcome video *Important: We would like an editable version to be able to update/add voiceover once we get to that stage.

Deliverable 3: Instagram Reel Version of the same video

  • This can be a shorter version, formatted to be uploaded to instagram as story or Reel.
  • Something that can catch attention, be posted upon service start.
  • Could say something like "Service starts now". Does not have to have the exact same graphics or background music but if it matches for consistency that works.

We are seeking a quote at this time to decide on this, please submit any previous work if possible.

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