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Full Time
Posted by: AMP / NMP
Gig Location: Anywhere (Remote OK)
Gig Dates: -
Pay: $500/shoot

Indie Company that does Production, Rentals, and Creative looking for a few people who would like to make a generous COMMISSION $$ sourcing new CLIENTS for shoots- (and of course pay for possibly working on the shoot too) We proudly feature RED (VRaptors, Komodos) Canon R5c's, and Aputure Lighting, RODE audio, Dji equiptment car mounts, and Drones.

This could be anything from a Music Video (band, artist, DJ, event etc.) to an independent store, a product or brand, or sport, business or cause, (even weddings) that has media needs or you've developed for an ongoing 'retainer' situation. We have GREAT current and past clients (and reels for you to see, show, and utilize) like OPEN AI, Vans, Amazon, PUR cosmetics, Mac Culkin, Manny Pacquiao, NFL, Steve Caballero, Eric Kendrick, HIllman, Sandoval Studios, Mountain, beverage companies, and Latin, Pop, R&B, Indie, and Hip Hop artists. We've also worked with noteworthy names and causes and on Docs that are currently on Netflix. There is opportunity for growth and equity in the future (as well as development and shooting of your own stuff) and we also are developing some features. **We are putting "$500" as a 'minimum' in the pay bc the average lowest we have ever shot for was a church charity for 1500. dollars and we envision that being the LEAST you would make on something you brought in/developed. We DO request you maintain confidentiality and any NDA's w some of our current clients, obviously. Anti-Matterproductions.com https://vimeo.com/893938268/6afb6b468c?share=copy https://vimeo.com/790688294/25767adafd?share=copy https://vimeo.com/786154915?share=copy

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