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Camera Operator / Gimbal Expert Needed - With Sony Mirrorless Camera + Gimbal - To Shoot Social Videos

Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Gig Dates: -
Pay: TBD - Your day rate

Hello All,

We're in need of a solid shooter who is an owner/operator of a Sony A7s iii/ A7 iv, etc., along with an RS3 pro gimbal (or similar) to help us shoot social video content for a corporate client.

Production will take place in late February for roughly 5 days total.

This will be a small crew situation - with the director working as the A camera shooter, plus a gaffer with grip van, and you as our gimbal camera operator. The work will take place in the client's locations across LA and possibly OC. Much of this is simple MOS where we quickly work to improve the existing lighting, grab a sequence, and move on.

If you own a mirrorless Sony with excellent auto focus tracking and you have tons of experience shooting with it on your gimbal we'd love to hear from you.

A bonus would be if you own any other support gear (slider, fluid head tripod) and/or a simple audio package.

Please share links to your work and gear package - and give us a sense of your day rate that will include your Sony and gimbal - including lenses, batteries, media, etc.

And thanks for your time here already!

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Camera Operator
Gimbal Operator

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