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Drone operator / instructor needed

Gig Location: Memphis, TN
Gig Dates: - (EXPIRED)
Pay: 50 per hour

Hello My name is Sean Shaw I work for a film company SMS novel we mainly deal with faith based films. We are looking for an instructor for the following dates Dec 16th and 30th Jan 6th and the 13th either 11am or 5pm or you can teach both times all we require is 2 years experience and would prefer licensed pilots but not necessary as non licensed would get a lower rate. Each class is 60 minutes 101 basic class and each student should get 10 minutes hands on time. Pay is $50 per hour .. and you can train anywhere you want in the Memphis area.
Let me know how you would like to proceed and I'll take you the next steps

Best regards
Sean Shaw 
SMS Novel

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Drone Operator / UAV Pilot

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