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Music Video
Part Time
Gig Location: Grand Rapids, MI (Remote OK)
Gig Dates: - (EXPIRED)
Pay: $50 1/day

Do you have a knack for bringing heartfelt stories to life through music and visuals? I'm on the lookout for incredible talent to star in a captivating music video that delves into the powerful narrative of two former lovers reuniting for the first time. Inspired by the evocative chapter from the book 'Swipe Right To Be Loved,' this music video is a poignant portrayal of love's complexities. I'm seeking passionate performers who can embody the emotions of love lost and found, bringing authenticity and depth to the screen. Whether you're an actor, actress, dancer, or musician, if you can convey raw emotions and captivate audiences with your artistry, I want to hear from you! This project offers a chance to be part of a visually stunning and emotionally charged production that explores the delicate nuances of reconnecting with a past flame. If you're ready to be part of a mesmerizing tale that echoes the sentiments of 'Swipe Right To Be Loved,' showcasing your talent in a music video that promises to resonate with audiences worldwide, Apply for a role now and Don't miss this opportunity to be a crucial part of a project that celebrates the depth and beauty of human connection.

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