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Looking for VFX artist for short film

Short Film
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Gig Dates: - (EXPIRED)
Pay: Negotiable

Hello there!

We are currently seeking a VFX artist for our upcoming adventure-fantasy short proof of concept.

As far as what we're looking for, it's not too complex in nature. The scene in question involves a holographic map very similar to this one from the movie "Tomb Raider II" https://youtu.be/of3FdOP7qLk?si=bIbb3aQFJ5vBLus7&t=200, and reappearing runes on a metallic orb similar to this effec from "National Treasure" https://youtu.be/YSbyB4O5hyA?si=jgZfrMfe1Ojz6HNB&t=137

I'm not a visual effects artist, but I'm assuming it'll involve superimposing footage and some form of lighting for the map, and some form of 3D work for the runes, but nothing too complex that'll need to be made via 3D modeling.

The total number of VFX shots in this will probably last less than 30 seconds. Please be sure to model any demo reels with VFX work you've done. I'll keep in touch soon!

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Digital & Visual Effects Artist

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