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Editor for Documentary

Feature Film
Gig Location: Dallas, TX
Gig Dates: - (EXPIRED)

I am searching for a skilled and efficient video editor to undertake the exciting task of collaborating with me to create a captivating Documentary film Lasting between 45min - 1:15:00 min. The documentary is an issue-driven film centered around a Black(African-American) Bookstore.

Description • Full scope of editing responsibilities from building rough cuts through final delivery of a Documentary film • Employ a strong creative vision, innovative decision-making and offer potential solutions when the creative and/or technical feedback provided does not have a clear plan of execution. • Innovative and experiment with formats, different versions of an edit, and explore multiple directions. • Repurpose and maximize existing videos with creative methods such as cutdowns, resizing, and re-editing. • Concept and create simple but elevated graphics.

Requirements • Must be passionate about and/or experienced in unscripted . • Knowledge of the post-production process, including media management and encoding video to various formats. • High proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite and Premiere. • Aptitude for leveraging the importance of sound in production. • Experience with polish and refining assets, audio mixing and light color correcting. • Expertise with aspect ratios, file formats, codecs, and delivery specs. • Strong attention to detail and ability to maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout projects. • Relevant portfolio of previous video editing work and projects.

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Video Editor

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