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In search of cinematographer for Adventure-Fantasy feature to shoot in 2024

Feature Film
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Gig Dates: -

Hello There!

I know said project is way far out in advance, but we are looking for a cinematographer for an upcoming indie fantasy-adventure flick.

Said feature film will be shot over the course of an entire month sometime in 2024 and may include weekends for any pickup and/or VFX shots.

Among the things we are searching for:

  • Someone with a more formalist, vintage style of cinematography, similar to cinematographers such as Douglas Slocombe (Indiana Jones trilogy), Janusz Kaminski, and Dean Cundey (Halloween, Jurassic Park). We are trying to replicate a vintage 80s 35mm feel for our cinematography but with a digital camera

  • Experience shooting action-adventure scenes, whether I'd be hand-to-hand fight scenes, stuntwork, or other kind of action pieces.

  • Experience with green screens and/or virtual production. Most of our production will be set indoors and a few scenes will be shot against greenscreens or virutual production A la "Kung Fury".

  • We will be shooting on either the RED Komodo or Arri Alexa Mini. Experience with either camera is a must. We will discuss lenses later at another date.

  • The entire production will be based in LA and Ventura County. Most filming will be done indoors on soundstages/warehouse sets, with a week of shooting outoors in the Angeles Forest. Storyboards are being worked up right now for the production. Expected budget will be around $1-2 million, as this is a lower budget production with a young, small crew with a big vision.

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