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Director Seeking To Collab w/ Cinematographer/Videographer

Passion Project
Full Time
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Gig Dates: -
Pay: No pay

My name is Ty and I'm a 28 yeard old Director and Screenwriter based in North Hollywood, originally from NYC.

I am currently looking for an ambitious cinematographer or videographer to collaborate with and shoot a collection of passion projects, short films, skits and short format music videos with me. I'm looking for someone who is eager to create on the go, someone more adaptable, resourceful, open minded and instinctive than technical and rigid who can make the ordinary look fucking dope through a lens.

I'm looking to create and grow a strong buildable relationship more than someone who's simply searching for a gig because as a director and writer who little money and resources myself I can't pay you for your time but I have hopes of creating a partnership than can turn into a money making relationship.


  • You don't need to own your own camera as I have a BMPCC 4k with 2 different lens sets (anamorphic included), but it would be a huge plus
  • Film school experience is not needed because as I said before, I'm looking for someone more passionate and eager than someone doing things by "the books"
  • Must be able travel to and from the creative studio I work out of in North Hollywood (right on Burbank blvd)

Any other questions, let me know Please send links to your previous or most impressive work
Please don't try to pass someone else's work off as your own


  • My website: www.PaperPlaneTy.com
  • My Instagram: @PaperPlaneTy
  • My most recent short film (written and co-directed by me) on Youtube
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jy_ZYwDF6s

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Music Video Director

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