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Temp: Informant

Short Film
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA (Remote OK)
Pay: Paid - Negotiated

Join this Loyola Marymount University senior film project. A 15-minute suspense/phycological thriller and drama in line with the Korean film Oldboys (2013) (without the sensitive subjects) and *Ghost *(1990). Looking to pay for these roles for a student price determined after gauging interest.

The school assigns production dates based on a raffle system held in early September, thus the dates (4 12-hour days Thurs-Sunday) are not determined till then. We are aiming for early November. Right now, I want to gauge interest with individuals willing to work on this project. Final dedication to the project can be made once the dates are procured. Producers, production designers, and Sound mixers are prefered to live near the Westchester area, as we will be filming on campus and near Westchester/Playa Vista area. Sound mixers and post positions can work remote.

If interested, please email the provided email some work samples, your desired fee, and your base location ASAP!

Logline: After turning his best friend ELISE in for malpractice, MAX, a paralegal, is hypnotized by her, making it so that there will be a random trigger that will force him to kill his soon-to-be wife. With no hint of what the trigger can be, he lives in fear and jeopardizes everything he has…

Pitch: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1cZMG2UUY-baO9TpzGL3_xByqH-_1mcDKsCHQQcLucUI/edit?usp=sharing

Current Drafted Mood Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MD3koqMKL8

The current script draft is available upon quest after stating your availability and desire to join the team!

Skill Tags:

Associate Producer
Executive Producer
Music Composer
Production Designer
Sound Designer
Sound Mixer / Recordist

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