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Evil Intentions

Short Film
Posted by: Property Pictures LLC
Gig Location: Raleigh, NC
Gig Dates: - (EXPIRED)
Pay: negotiable

Logline: A grieving woman seizes the opportunity to step into her best friend's shoes, marrying her husband and inheriting her life, but her happiness is marred by the presence of a stepchild she has no intention of embracing. As events take a dark turn, Deborah must navigate unexpected challenges with the help of Charles, a cunning attorney.

Synopsis: Deborah, devastated by the sudden death of her best friend and confidante, decides to take over her friend's life, marrying Jason, the grieving husband, in hopes of finding solace. However, her newfound marriage is quickly overshadowed by the presence of Jason's young daughter, whom Deborah struggles to connect with.

With the help of Charles, a shrewd attorney and longtime friend of Jason's, Deborah manages to manipulate the situation. Charles assists Deborah in altering Jason's will, granting her ownership of their lavish house and substantial assets. It seems as though Deborah's plan to seamlessly adopt her friend's life is falling into place.

But as time passes, Deborah's lack of affection for Jason's daughter becomes increasingly apparent. The stepmother's coldness and indifference towards the child creates a tense and uncomfortable environment within the household. Jason's daughter, feeling rejected and unwanted, grows resentful towards Deborah.

However, just as Deborah settles into her new life, unexpected events unfold. Charles, who has taken up residence in the house, begins exhibiting strange behavior, revealing a sinister side. It becomes clear that Charles had ulterior motives all along, using Deborah as a pawn in his own twisted game.

Caught in a web of deceit and danger, Deborah must find a way to protect herself and Jason's daughter from Charles' malicious intentions. She must confront her own guilt and confront the consequences of her actions. As the truth unravels, Deborah learns the powerful lesson that true happiness cannot be built upon deceit and manipulation.

In a desperate battle against Charles, Deborah fights to reclaim her own identity and redeem herself in the eyes of Jason's daughter. As the darkness closes in around her, Deborah discovers her capacity for love and her willingness to sacrifice everything for the sake of a child she once rejected.

Skill Tags:

1st AC - Focus Puller
2nd AC - Clapper / Loader
Actor - Film & Television
Art Director
Best Boy Grip
Rigging Grip
Steadicam Operator
Stunt Coordinators

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