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Film day 2 day life & edit

Post Production / Editing
Gig Location: Miami, FL (Remote OK)
Gig Dates: - (EXPIRED)
Pay: monthly cost?

film my day to day life, i am looking for a creative eye. with digital and visual skills.

we will film 3 times a week, "day in the life" follow me around as we just live life. spirtual wisdom, body activation, sports, nature, events, healthy living & castle building! i ask that with each day of filming the footage is collaged and edited within 24 hrs of shooting, and directed onto my social media platform. This will be mostly raw footage collaged together.

this can be in the section of "part time, contract or intern"

i wish for someone that is a vibe like me, and sees this as fun, someone who can hype me up with energy and ideas just like i would want to hype you up!

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Digital & Visual Effects Artist

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