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Producer / Location Scout for a Bathtub Commercial

Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA (Remote OK)
Gig Dates: - (EXPIRED)
Pay: $400 - $3000

I'm working on commercial videos for a Bathtub company and looking for a producer who can find me a location that looks like a luxury bathroom. We also have to be able to move big bathtubs in and out of the location. Has to look authentic, like a higher-middle class, gray and white (monochromatic) tile, marble Bathroom.

Looking for anyone who can find this location in the greater LA area and help produce the project.

It's a paid position and you'll of course be accredited as a producer on the videos as well. Pay will depend on the time and work you put in. Looking for someone ASAP to work for a week or two.

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Location Scout

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