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Amazing Cinematographer, DP, Director, Post. Production Specialist Needed (Los Angeles)

Music Video
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Gig Dates: -

Are you an INCREDIBLE music video or Short Film Cinematographer? You're invited to take over the world with a brand new Team, for an artist who's about to blow!! My names William (@tvkuthesag) and i'm a recording artist on the verge of breaking out MAJORLY (check my instagram).

Im bringing together a team of INCREDIBLY TALENTED people to form my Production Company, so we create all our visuals in house. At first it will start as an unpaid internship, and then will graduate to a paid permanent, full time position .

My label has OK'd the budget to push MARKETING very agressively, i just need a cinematographer to make my vision come to life. Looking for a DP too! Also a Gaffer, Director and someone for Post Production. This position is available even if you currently have a full time job.

This is a once in a life time opportunity to have your work seen by millions of people online and to build a solid career doing what you love.

This is a non paid internernship, with permanent position offers to great candidates. ONLY looking for Highly DRIVEN and MOTIVATED people. If you're lazy or diffiult to work with or cant be in a team, this might NOT be the job for you. Fun chill vibes you''ll love working with everyone here ;)

Apply at (tukuogon@yahoo.com )

Thank You!!

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