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Need Drone Operator + PA for Proof of Concept Action Short Film (Fight Club Style)

Short Film
Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Gig Dates: - (EXPIRED)
Pay: Credits/Reels

Hello, I am an experienced Award Winning Music Video, Commercial, and Film Director seeking a Drone Operator + PA for a proof of concept short filming Monday and Tuesday of next week in preparation for film festival submission. For transparency, this is no budget passion project so this would be ideal for anyone looking to be a part of a cool film that will be great for reels, and will also be guaranteed to be seen by industry professionals (I already have screening opportunities in place upon completion). Great opportunity to work with an experienced Director and DP as well:

Directors Reel: http://www.mustafamahdi.com

Film Logline: 20 years after escaping torture and experimentation at the hands of a covert Military Operation as a child, Raj is forced to return from self-exile to save the lives of those he left behind, and a city controlled by an oppressive Totalitarian Regime.

We will be utilizing drone shots as a "Live Stream" camera during a Fight Club style bare knuckle boxing match, so will be some really cool shots to add to your reel.

Open to all levels of experience, just looking to build a good crew for this project as well as those in the future (music videos, commercials).

  • Drone Owner/Operator (Half Day: 6pm-10pm Monday, April 3rd)
  • PA (Monday + Tuesday)


Skill Tags:

Drone Operator / UAV Pilot
Production Assistant

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