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R&B Music Video

Music Video
Gig Location: Atlanta, GA
Gig Dates: - (EXPIRED)
Pay: Determined by Rate

We are seeking various music video production services (director, videographer, actresses, digital & visual effects artists, etc.) for an upcoming R&B music video shoot in Atlanta, GA. We'll be shooting at 24ATL Production Studios to take advantage of their state-of-the-art equipment, including giant LED screens, Unreal Engine computers, and multiple playback cameras.

We will be shooting a music video for national R&B recording artist Dre Murro's upcoming single titled "4 Me Only". The song is produced by multi-platinum-selling producer Mr. Hanky and draws inspiration from afrobeat music. We want to receive a full treatment for the video based on our initial music brief and song analysis. To facilitate this, all additional details have been added below. We are looking to shoot at the end of March/early April. If you're interested in working with us, send over your rates and availability for the project and your contact information so we can further discuss the project details.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to potentially collaborating with you!

  • Rey Mullen, CEO of 9INE Records

“4 Me Only” by Dre Murro - Produced by Mr. Hanky

Production Budget: TBD Location: 24ATL Production Studios - Atlanta, GA Shoot Date: TBD (End of March) Delivery: TBD (Early April) Concept Page Due: March 6 Treatment Due: March 10

Song Genre: Afrobeats / R&B

Song Narrative: The speaker is in a relationship with someone whom he is deeply attracted to and trusts. He wants to know that they are committed to him and only him. He struggles with making decisions in the relationship and is unsure of what he needs, but ultimately wants to be with this person.

Song Themes:

  • Love and relationships: The lyrics revolve around the speaker's desire for love and intimacy with someone who he wants to open up to him only.
  • Trust and loyalty: The speaker is looking for someone who will be loyal to him and only him.
  • Insecurity: The speaker is unsure of what he needs and is nervous about the relationship.

Lyric Metaphors:

  • "Dead the BS like coffin": The speaker wants to end any negative or unnecessary conversation or behavior in the relationship.
  • "Running the right race": This metaphor suggests that the person the speaker is talking to needs to make sure they are on the right path in life.

Comparison to other R&B and Afrobeats songs: The theme of love and relationships is very common in both R&B and Afrobeats music. Many songs in these genres also explore the themes of trust, loyalty, and insecurity in relationships. The use of metaphors is also common in both genres. In terms of structure, the song follows a traditional verse-chorus-bridge format which is common in many R&B and Afrobeats songs. However, the unique metaphors used in the song set it apart from others in the genre.

Skill Tags:

Actor - Dance
Digital & Visual Effects Artist
Music Video Director

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