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Camera Operators/Technicians for Specialty Motion

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Gig Location: Los Angeles, CA
Pay: No Pay to Pay

Hello fellow SG members.

We are opening up positions for camera operators of all skill levels. We are looking for dedicated members to join our production team of operators. We are aimed at Specialty Motion and use a wide variety of equipment and tools to achieve various shots. From jib crane, to remote head, to car operations, to motion control and even basic film production. The potential to grow with our company is huge as we scale into more productions and contract work.

We are looking for those individuals looking to join a specialty team, that have aspirations of working and building content daily. Those who want to train on these systems and specialize in what we already we offer. Those that can see potential and the vision we have set forth along with individual and team goals.

This is a calling for our next Cinema Junkie, who doesn't necessarily have to specialize in one thing but just HAS to have a passion for making things work.

We train aggressively and our expectations are set very high by the clients we work with and the quality of content that is produced directly from our team. Although this is an intern position. The potential to earn income is there. Those that are looking for the next gig only, please do not apply. This is for long term committed team members.

Click on our bio and check out our website if this sounds like a really great opportunity for you.


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Camera Operator
Gimbal Operator
Jib Operator / Crane Operator

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